Sherlock Holmes

Portrait- Faber Castell colored pencils, Fluid Acrylics, Watercolors, Airbrush, Fixative Spray, on Illustration board

Sherlock Holmes is probably the best known and most loved detectives of all times. This famous sleuth and master of disguise, conceived by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, made his first appearance in 1887 and solved cases in fifty-six short stories and four novels. Since then, he has been featured in countless films, most recently reprised byRobert Downey Jr. in 2009 and again in 2011. This piece was inspired by RDJ’s modern spin on the classic character. Influenced by Drew Struzan, David Grove and Bart Forbes, I sought to capture the mood and personality of the great detective that has captivated the minds of people for more than a century.


cover art, portraiture, posters